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Investment opportunity   AVATAR LODGE COSTA RICA

The British Asset company introduces a unique investment opportunity in the form of private British shares of a private ecological reserve Avatar Lodge in southern Costa Rica in Central America. There is an open campaign to build two luxury resorts and to create a private natural reserve on the border of the Corcovado National Park. Annual dividends of 8 % to 10 %, ownership right to one week of FREE accommodation per year for each share, additional revenues from the accommodation. Nominal values of the shares are 2000 and 4000 pounds. Number of the shares is limited. Proceed to more information on this lucrative opportunity.

The land covers 9 hectares of a former palm oil plantation and 22 hectares of the original rain forest with five hundred species of trees. On the 9 hectares, two accommodation facilities will be constructed together with continual reforestation of the land and on the 22 hectares, a private natural reserve will be established bordering the Corcovado National Park. The whole area is rich in animals and birds, namely four monkey species, sloths, tapirs, wild boars, anteaters, predators like jaguars, cougars, ocelots and birds such as numerous Ara Arakanda parrots and toucans. You can even see four species of sea turtles on the nearby virgin beaches… Proceed to more information on this lucrative opportunity.

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The British Asset project is based on British law with traditional, conservative investment in real estate through private British shares. In combination with innovative internet platform of shared economy and crowdfunding (financing by public) for individual projects, it creates community projects of private shareholders who share the profits of the hotels, the yearly dividend – the share of profits – is 8 % (of the nominal share value) and more, depending on the particular project. British Asset invests into lucrative holiday resorts and hotels, by purchase of shares you become a co-owner of this properties with public registration of the shares in Companies House Register of the UK.

For each share you have the ownership right, which entitles you to a free one week stay in the hotel every year. You can also sell the free accommodation and increase your profit and of course you can also profitably sell your shares. In our company, we combine real estate investments with interesting annual return and enjoyment of travelling to the most beautiful places on Earth. British Asset vision stands on three pillars.

  • We bring shareholders the shares of profit and ownership rights to luxury hotels.
  • By building of ecological projects we help local communities in developing countries.
  • We save and help preserve sensitive ecosystems in the project sites, for example by preventing the felling of rain forests and reforestation. We protect nature by creating private natural reserves in individual projects.

This is a project of British-American investors, who offer the opportunity to invest within the system of shared economy also to you. By purchase of the shares you become a co-owner and shareholder. Watch our actual projects, regular live broadcasts, or send us an inquiry for more information.

Let us introduce the four basic steps of our projects.



Each project is presented through a time-limited campaign on this website. Each campaign lasts for maximum of 3 months or until the share limit is sold out, depending on what comes first. During this time, options – reservations for the sale of shares - are sold to everyone interested in the project.

The campaign runs on the principle of the so called crowdfunding, which means public financing. If the campaign fails to collect the minimum amount of money for project realization, the price for options is returned in full amount. In the case of a successful campaign, the owner of the options receives shares with public registration in the Companies House Register of the UK. The first step is successfully behind us and the „realization period“ starts.


Realization period starts with successful finishing of each campaign and ends with putting the hotel into operation. The period can last up to 10 months depending on the complexity of the project. The length of realization period is known in advance for each project. Each shareholder has access to the members section, where they can sea the current progress of the project, photodocumentation, videos and other information.

During realization period, it is possible to reserve the ownership right to the accommodation in the hotel. If interested, the shareholders can also get involved actively as volunteers in the project implementation on site. All information is provided to shareholders in the members section of the project.


Ownership rights

For holding of each share, the owner receives one week of free accommodation in the given project/hotel, every year for the duration of keeping the share! The accommodation is free for four to six persons, depending on each project. The accommodation is complimentary, services are paid by each person separately. The shareholder can sell the free weeks directly or through the reservation system.

An example:

A shareholder invested in purchase of 10 shares, therefore he has 10 weeks of accommodation available per year. He and his family use 4 weeks, he can sell the remaining 6 weeks with profit. The ownership rights can be also used by travel agencies or companies as benefits for employees.


Investment through private British shares issued to particular projects. The shares are issued in the name of the owner and are recorded in the public business register of Companies House of Great Britain. The shareholder can sell the shares to third parties and as the securities they are subject to inheritance rights.

For each share, the shareholder has the right to annual profit share, dividend payment of 8 % and more depending on economic results of the particular project. The British Asset project works on the principles of British and international law, British Asset does not provide investment services within the meaning of European regulation of business on capital markets. These are private shares to closed community projects in accordance with the law of the United Kingdom. All information is part of Terms and Conditions for each particular project.



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A unique combination of investment projects according to British law and platform for shared economy with return of 8 % and ownership rights!